Solving society’s energy and CO2 concerns one small innovation at a time.


The Problem

The world’s energy usage continues to climb with no sign of stopping. However, to achieve greater CO2 reduction we need to start using non-carbon based renewable resources such as solar and wind. Those resources all produce electricity. Even if you get to the point of 100% electrification and even further to the point of 100% renewable to produce that electricity during the day, the concern for nighttime demand still needs to be addressed. If that night-time electricity is not generated by a renewable asset, you will still be left with a significant carbon footprint. Add on the energy to source and manufacture these electrified devices, that zero carbon footprint suddenly becomes much larger, possibly with similar footprints as current methods at a much greater cost. Therefore, the challenge becomes how we create, store, and source renewable energy while minimizing the carbon footprints and economic impacts.