99P Labs - HackOHI/O Challenge 2020

Thank You For Participating

Thank you to all the students and faculty that helped make HackOHI/O 2020 great! This event was the weekend of November 13, 2020 and went very smoothly as a virtual event. Our 99P Labs Medium blog will detail the winner of the Honda Challenge. We hope to see you next year at HackOHI/O!

Maximum Useful Value Concept


Whether it is a car, truck, or SUV, vehicles are often the second most expensive asset people invest in behind houses. Automakers are always trying to keep prices affordable for customers as they improve the packaged quality, safety and technology suites of their new vehicles. Some customers opt for used cars instead, which have their own unique costs. Buying a car is an investment in your future mobility, so it should deliver as much value as possible over the time you own it.


Build a data-driven application that enables individual car owners to maximize the useful value of their mobility investment.

Keep in mind that “value” is deliberately left up to your team to define. It could mean extending the lifetime of a vehicle so you can drive it hundreds of thousands of miles. Cars often sit in parking lots, so perhaps your team will choose to deal with fully utilizing the transportation potential of your vehicle. Maybe you can use driving data to predict the inflection point in maintenance costs in order to trade in your vehicle for a brand-new one. There are plenty of other options to explore. Spend some time brainstorming “why” you want to maximize a particular value before you implement “how” you will do so!


Winning Team: up to 4 team members will each receive a 10.1” Samsung Galaxy Tablet!

Judging Criteria

Solution Completeness – Does it work? Is there a roadmap for future implementation at 99P Labs or factory?

Cost Friendliness – How does the solution address the cost needed to scale to track many resources?

Innovation & Creativity – Does the solution bring new ideas and approaches to the problem?

Design & Build Quality – Is it easy to navigate, user-friendly, and visually appealing?

Design your application so that impact (value enhancement) can be measured continuously and incrementally, focusing on outcomes, not just outputs.

Make effective use of existing data, including connected vehicle datasets provided and open datasets.

Present data to app users in formats that are easy to interpret and act on, such as data visualizations.